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Travel smart. Get prepared to move abroad. Know what to expect.

• Check out my Resume and the reviews of my services.
• Visit the Press page or Portfolio for examples of my work. This includes some web design I used to do back in the day.
• Watch some videos​ about my trips and life in Bulgaria.
​• I value your time as well as my own and get to the point directly. I charge for my time but no more than absolutely needed. Most calls take about 15 minutes or less. If I can't help you or am not the most suitable person to help, I do not charge.
• For general travel itineraries, especially by public transport in Central and Eastern Europe, feel free to send a message. I'm educated to hand out travel advice, as well as fully designed itineraries. Besides I am able to give you first-hand advice on moving abroad, re-building life in other countries several times and all the challenges that come with it.​
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