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Travel smart. Get prepared with advice and opinions at a low rate. Have a relaxed trip later on.

Or send an email to
• Check out my Resume and the reviews of my services.
• Visit the Press page or Portfolio for examples of my work.
• Watch some video's​ about my trips and life in Bulgaria.
• Contact me through the Praxey app, for Apple and for Android. This app allows professionals to charge clients for their advice. It works like Facetime (can be audio only too) and we'll have a call to discuss your case. Find me in the app by searching for 'leondl'.
• Ask me specific destination / travel advice or just get inspiration where to go and when. I specialized in Bulgaria and Romania after years of traveling. Consultations through Praxey cost 1EUR per minute. I value your time as well as my own and get to the point directly. I do not charge for more time than absolutely needed. Most calls take about 15 minutes or less. If I can't help you or am not the most suitable person to help, I do not charge.
• Get a fully designed itinerary for your trip. These are paid separately from the consultations. Rates are upon request and start from 70EUR per itinerary. Check the Travel Guides, linked in the menu of this website, for first-hand advice that you can pull some ideas from. This is so you have a sense of what you want beforehand.
• For an email consultation - fill out the Contact form below and mention 'consult' in the subject line as a reference. You'll receive a reply with a quote which you can then accept, before an invoice is sent. Consultation is after payment.
• I'm educated to hand out travel advice, as well as fully designed itineraries. Likewise, I can do bookings and arrange transport. Check out my Resume or Course program to review my previous experience. The university keeps receiving the highest rates for tourism education in The Netherlands.
• I am most certainly able to give you first-hand advice on moving abroad, re-building life in other countries several times and all the challenges that come with it.
• Two of my books touch upon topics such as mental health, anxiety, loneliness, finding balance in the mind and some questions of life. I can answer questions / give opinions, yet am in no way a mental health professional or psychologist. Seek licensed advice elsewhere. The third book is a photo album of abandoned buildings in Bulgaria. Should you want to receive a preview of the books, use the contact form and mention the title (Short stories, Darko, Photo book) including 'preview' in the subject line.
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