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The defining foundation

Young, pretty and restless

All time on our side

There’s a lot of good to do

And so much to see

So just take this moment

And make it fantastic

There will never be perfect

We have only the presence

And those that are alone

Want to be together

The ones that are together

Want more time for themselves

It is never enough

For our busy minds

The endless fantasies

Milestones to achieve

The moment that’s now

It’s all that we have

And all we ever had

All that will ever be

One day we’ll look back

On the years that we spent

All priorities, our love life

And how it all went

And we might figure out

It was always enough

We just never stood still

To see what life brought

Through memories

Of what we did

The things that we sought

Objects and experiences

Never realizing

We always had enough

© copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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