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I deleted Facebook

Had some doubts recently about what it adds to my life and the answer is - very little. I do have friends on there from other countries but not many I really stay in touch with. However, the time spent browsing and posting got a bit much. There was not much keeping me interested otherwise, I got little information out of it. The information I did absorb was negative, as news stories and complaining posts made up a significant part of the 'wall'. The positive posts, I'd learn about otherwise if I really had a connection with the person. Yes, I could have 'deactivated' the account or just stopped spending time browsing, but I thought it be better to quit altogether. Instead of hanging on my couch to see what other people are up to, I'd like to catch up with them face-to-face or over the phone more often. For people following my adventures from abroad, I'll keep this website updated regularly! For friends having followed me on Facebook for years, thank you for keeping an interest in my stories and we'll definitely stay in touch! Friends remain friends after all.

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