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He who thinks

Somehow only once the door closed behind Simon, he realized he was going to be alone for the whole week. His wife was off on a conference and Simon had no idea what to do with his free time. Granted, he had to work, but what about the evenings? He had not been alone in a long time as he and his wife did nearly everything together.

Simon felt slightly sad but also a relieved. He had been keeping up appearances for a long time and since about a year or so, he just didn't feel like he used to. Some kind of sadness had dawned upon him ever after they returned from their last summer vacation. Overall it had just been dull. His wife, Veronika, didn't laugh at his lame jokes like she used to.

At least when they got married, she still thought he was funny, or at least cheesy. He at one time splashed some water at her when swimming. She was on her sunbed and got angry, because it messed with her sunscreen.

Simon now had some time to put things in a row. "If things go south, at least we don't have children", he thought. As he brewed some coffee, he already poured some milk into the cup.

He slowly sipped his brew and decided he might as well clean the house. After drinking it all up, he felt energized and refreshed. He took the vacuum cleaner and went through the whole house. As everything looked clean and smelled kind of fresh but not completely yet, he decided to mop the floor. He turned the tap all open and put a bucket with a strong cleaning agent underneath. As it filled up, he mopped all through the kitchen. It made him feel a bit better and organized his mind as well. He liked being alone so far, although it still took some time getting used to.

He looked through the window and saw Yoanna, the neighbor from across the street. She clearly winked at him. Simon had always found her to be an attractive lady. He waved back, in a shy and withheld way. She smiled and went on her way. Then it felt like a butterfly was trapped inside his stomach, he hadn't felt this in a long time. Was he even happy at all, what if he was destined to be with another lady?

It was just all a blur for Simon. There was no clarity and he merely followed the path of life as his father did. He just slid into things and life flowed along steadily. He poured another cup of coffee and sat down. He thought to himself "What if I had listened to myself, before doing what I did? Would I have even been in this place at all?" He looked outside the window again and saw an older man walking his dog.

He reflected a bit more and asked himself where time had gone. He just didn't know how he got here, and didn't know where his life would go. As the water in the bucket went cold, he went into the hallway and put on his jacket. He walked the same way as he saw Yoanna walk, about twenty minutes ago. He then changed his mind and walked the other direction, which led to the next town nearby. He felt his pockets and didn't have anything with him. It didn't matter though.

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