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Sometimes, it's good the way it is

Living abroad has its challenges and I write about these in several of my other blog posts. But sometimes it's also good the way it is. You have everything covered. A good job, stable internet at home, a comfortable bed and just the right amount of darkness so it makes you able to sleep well. No noisy neighbours or rattling air conditioners. No traffic that keeps you awake. Sun in the living room each morning. A view on the hills. And then boredom sets in. You think you've seen it all and you get the so-called 'fear of missing out'. The world is large, as an expat you know that like no other. And life is short. 'How would it be in Buenos Aires?' you question yourself. You imagine yourself walking down the widest boulevard on earth and dancing the tango on leafy, sunny square. 'That sounds like fun, why not get a job there?' Indeed, it would be fun. But just think of moving again, closing your bank account, opening one, cancelling the phone subscription, the gym subscription, leaving your comfort to start over again. That feels, well, very uncomfortable.

That doesn't mean I dislike it and that I never did it. I did it about four times. And I think three-four is the golden number. And then, if you find your place, stay at least four years. Because that's when all the dust settles down and you see if the place is something for you. Besides, at one point, if you live in a safe and comfortable area, you'll start building up something for yourself. You'll have someone you cal call when you're sick. You know what doctors to go to. You know the pharmacy and which one is open 24 hours when you need it. There's a certain sense of comfort that's hart to give up at that point. You know where to go for drinks and what tourist traps to avoid at all cost. You learned it by going to these tourist traps and by ending up with a bad experience sometimes. Also, you'll possibly be blogging or making videos like I am. So I'm deeply involved in the subject now - Bulgaria. I learned the language and know the habits, and integrated into the culture. I feel very much at home. And even though I would definitely go to Buenos Aires or some other place where adventure calls, some days I have to realize how good it is at this very moment. And so should you. But at least do the golden number of 3-4 moves abroad, it will help you grow very much as an independent person.

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