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Don't live with regrets

Make sure not to live with regrets. Reach for goals and break bad habits. You’re only competing with yourself. Winners end up being losers at the next step they reach in life, because there’s always people higher up. That means there’s never a reason to feel like a loser. As long as there’s progress. The ultimate goal is to keep playing, be present in and have fun. Life is not meant for winning only, each winner is a blank sheet in a field he’s unacquainted with. Life is for playing instead of looking at the field from outside it. Start now - life is short but life with regrets is very long.

No goals? Break a bad habit first. Take half an hour and write them all down. There’s a whole list for even the sanest of people. Breaking a habit will turn into a goal by itself. You owe it to yourself - you can deal with struggle. Embrace the discomfort. It hurts but you’ll have something to look back on.

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