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On the move

Not making any choice is a choice. So is getting stuck in life. If you want to remain flexible, live minimalistically so you're able to stay on the move. If the thought of staying in the same place bothers you so much, don't settle. Keep developing skills, so you'll pick up and go when the time comes. There will be people holding you back or raining on your parade, like with most things. Keep in mind that people are reflecting their own insecurities upon you, it doesn't have anything to do with you. If you're confident with your life choices, even if they go against the grain, you'll attract some negativity from people around you. And a lot of positivity from people who are actually well-grounded in their own lives. But most often, people are wrapped up into themselves and are so afraid of insecurity that someone who seems to be confident and spreading their wings, raises a sense of fear of missing out on life.

If the uncomfortable feeling of staying in the same place gets so strong, you'll eventually have to go. You don't really have to, but who's to say you'll live contently if you stay? Keep in mind that people work everywhere, so you can find a job everywhere. Don't be missing out on life, because a life lived to the fullest is short but a live filled with regrets is very long.

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