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There is a place for you

If you're reading this, know I felt the same as you. Yearning for adventure, wanting to head out. Leaving my safe nest for trips under the sun. And working far away, building up a life all for myself. I told my friends I would. Told everyone I could. It started out with trips alone, not too far but far enough to get lost. I rode my bike to Germany and came back when the sun set. Then traveled alone for weeks, when I finally reached the age I so long waited for. My trips were all a blessing. Time alone and reflection. On what to do, on what life means. Learning to spread my wings and take care of myself. Eventually, I live abroad. And I found my place. That's not to say I'll stay forever, no traveler can ever say that. Unless he finds the love of his life perhaps. So head out, there is a place for you. No need to find a love or even look for it. The love for yourself is strong enough. The love for life is strong enough. Show your folks what you're made of. And do visit them often. They gave you your wings and set you free.

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Belogradchik rock formations, Northwestern Bulgaria

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