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Travel advice Eastern Europe

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Travel advice Eastern Europe

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Hate and love

July 19, 2016

Sometimes it dawns on me

All the hate in this world

It bursts through the cracks

Of a nice afternoon


It seems to crush love

And the things we live for

Like a pen leaking ink

On a perfect blank page


Though it's not only hate

It won't win in this world

If you look right around you

The earth is all love


The planet seems careless

And offers its goods

It gives sun, shade and water

And the sweet taste of fruits


The earth won't be bitter

And neither should we

For if love is embraced

Between one another


We align close with nature

And during the sunrise

Our insecurities and fears

They could melt away


If only man would be peaceful one day


© copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved




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