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Travel advice Eastern Europe

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Travel advice Eastern Europe

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Strict joy

July 31, 2016

There's not always strict joy
Moods change in each moment


Dark moonlit skies and the rise of the sun
The change of the tides and birds flying south


If you feel no joy
In this present moment


Don't try to suppress
Your emotions or change them


Look outside the window
Take a walk, let it wallow


It's fine if you sometimes feel a bit hollow
Once you get quiet and try to observe


Let it go, lose all nerve
There's no need to feel perfect


Something else is awaiting
After every curve


And bless yourself that
You know life from each side


The bright and the dark
Are not friends but close by


Once you stop resisting
The need to feel perfect


It might all come out
And bring you the balance

I'm talking about


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