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Let me help you prepare a tour to Bulgaria.

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Visit Bulgaria for:
• Cultural heritage tours.
Bulgaria is on a crossroads of cultures and has been home to many ancient civilizations. You find plenty of architectural sites, such as Serdica in Sofia or places nearby Varna. I shouldn't forget to mention the ancient, former Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Veliki Preslav - and the intriguing Madara Horseman. You have a lot of history to learn about in Bulgaria - come and explore!
• Wine tours.
The country is particularly interesting for those into wine. Plenty of kinds, common as well as rare, are cultivated on the rolling Bulgarian planes. More specific examples will follow.
• Hiking tours.
It's a hiker's paradise. Just take the Kom-Emine trail or visit places such as the Bukovets mountain hut, or Gurgulitsa mountain hut. There's plenty of hiking to be done around Svoge, Kardzhali and Lovech as well! If you prefer to stay around Sofia, do not feel like you're missing out. There's plenty to hike around the capital as well.
• Self-drive by rental car.
Check out the roadtrips on my Bulgaria page!
• City break in Sofia.
The capital is a city built layer upon layer. History is all around. Visit the remains of Serdica or enjoy the pleasures the modern city brings, plenty of restaurants, clubs and museums offering all kinds of exhibitions.
Ask me specific destination / travel advice or just get inspiration where to go and when.
I can help you organize anything except for flights.
I'll help you with finding and booking hotels as well as suitable transport, for individuals or large groups up to 35 persons.
Check out my Travel consult page for more information.
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