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I travel solo through Bulgaria.

I can help you prepare for your (solo) trip in Eastern Europe as well!

From being a small child, I have been intrigued by Eastern Europe. It's where I feel at home. I spent years traveling through remote corners and now live in Bulgaria. Many are unsure if they can travel to Eastern Europe alone. I can convince you of exactly why you should come!

I grew to enjoy solo travel and it has now become my standard. I help travelers make the step to go solo. Check out my blog posts, where you find some of my thoughts on solo travel.

Traveling alone can be a very rewarding experience. It helps you reflect on your life and you get a whole new perspective on the world. Besides, having the freedom to do what you want is just very exciting.

Leon de Leeuw

For this reason, I would suggest any traveler to go solo at least once. Just to see how it feels. It really matters. It's important to know how to be alone and there's no better way than to face the ultimate test - being alone on a trip. You'll look back on some good lessons in life, no matter where you go. Solo travel in Eastern Europe is not too hard but does give you the sense of adventure. For me, that balance is good.

I feel safe in these countries, taking the usual precautions of course. Besides, getting around with public transport is affordable and there are many good places to stay. The people I meet on the road have always been very helpful, which really helps when I found myself lost somewhere. If you want to share your questions or doubts about solo travel in Eastern Europe, contact me!

As a consultant, I provide first-hand travel advice for Eastern Europe. Check out my testimonials to see what my clients think of their experience!

On my Youtube channel I share my reflections on living abroad and take you on some of my trips.

Reviews on trips I organized



Our trip to Bulgaria, July 2017, is one to remember. Together with the expertise of Leon, we managed to put together a beautiful trip with all kinds of activities. Since we are a group of Biology students, we wanted to learn more about Bulgarian nature. Leon has found us a wonderful nature restoration project where we enjoyed a guided tour from one of the founders. If it wasn't for Leon and his contacts all over Bulgaria, we would have missed out on this great experience, as we never could have found something similar by ourselves. Next to advising us on which hiking trails to walk and which sites to see, Leon also guided us through the beautiful and diverse city of Sofia. We got to see some hidden gems where we otherwise would have just walked by. We also did go out to eat every night and the restaurants Leon recommended us never disappointed. Our trip lasted for 11 days and we travelled through Sofia, Central Balkan and Burgas. It really is a trip to remember and many of us will definitely visit again!


We got back from a good trip to Cluj (Romania) and the area nearby. We are happy with the specialized knowledge of Leon. Before departure, we got a document with information on the country, culture, and sights around Cluj. Also, the report included practical tips about, for example, car rental, day trips and places to eat and have a drink; many good and useful ideas in a document specifically designed for us. For example, the day trip by rental car to Belis and the Fantanele lake was a great suggestion. Thank you so much once more!


​When I look back upon my time in Sofia, I remember the beautiful, old buildings. The old city beneath the modern city. All the stunning parks and streets Sofia has. Authentic restaurants and beautiful, green gardens. The best spots were shown to us! Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic experience, Leon! Thanks to your endless knowledge about this city and the language, me and my travel companions had an amazing time!


The first week of September we made a great trip to Sofia and the surrounding area. A special week because of Leon, whom showed us some nice places. Awesome experience! Bulgaria is absolutely worth it. I would have never thought Bulgaria is so beautiful. Thanks again Leon.

Roos and Milou

Sofia, an uknown city in an unknown country. Great temperatures in sunny april. Architecture that looks like Italy in some parts, with colourful, old buildings. Also, there's another architectural style to be seen in the government buildings. Russian influences in the cathedrals with  golden domes.


A true adventure were the three days thanks to our super guide Leon! He has shown us the hidden parts of Sofia and surroundings, where you would never come as a regular tourist. He speaks the language fluently and helped us with everything. We took an old-fashioned train, made a hike to waterfalls, and we've seen wonderful nature. We tasted great Bulgarian dishes in local restaurants and had so much fun. A fantastic guide whom has many ideas on what to do. He wants to make you enjoy your visit and has a feeling for each and everyone's desires and wishes. A true recommendation!! Thank you Leon!


Bulgaria, I didn't know much about it. When I arrived, I was convinced. Sofia is a beautiful city. One of my travel companions told me about Leon. He helped us discover Bulgaria. Without him, we would have stayed in Sofia, and would have missed the natural beauty, the wonderful waterfalls and caves.


There's no better guide you can have. He knows the people's language and their culture. I have a good impresson of Bulgaria. Thanks to Leon I discovered something new!


The first week of September, we've been to Bulgaria for 8 days. We've seen so much of Sofia, by metro, tram and even rented a car thanks to Leon. He showed us Sofia and surroundings. You get an impression of the country you'd never get unless you'd live there. My suggestion: go there and contact Leon. You will have an unforgettable trip. Thank you Leon!

Aart and Diana

We had a wonderful time with Leon and saw and experienced a lot. Bulgaria is worth a visit.

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