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With these collections of pictures, I show the charm and beauty hidden in abandoned buildings and places. Seeing decay and neglect in buildings is associated with feelings of sadness, the reason being that beautiful buildings should remain in their full glory. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. Even though the examples in the albums below are left to decay with time, I think it's important is not to forget them. I try to shine a light on them by sharing these pictures. Each building has a long history that be can read off loose paint on the walls, ceiling ornaments and any other detail left to admire.

I do not know the history of each place, I can only use my fantasy to imagine the people that lived in the mansions or the workers that roamed the hallways. Many countries have interesting examples of abandoned buildings. In this album, most pictures are from Bulgaria. Even though I hope for their restoration, this happening might be unlikely. I don't know what will happen to them, I just hope others appreciate their beauty for as long as the buildings are around.

Also I published a photo book with pictures of abandoned buildings of Bulgaria. You may find out more on this page. As I know the location of each building, you may let me know should you have an explicit interest. Otherwie, as urbex etiquette, I don't share locations to leave the places as they are.

On these pages, you only find a small selection of pictures. Visit my Facebook page and go to Photos to see more albums of Abandoned Bulgaria.




Shepherd hamlets

Shepherd villags


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