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This first part of the page is about Paphos. I visited in May 2018. In January 2019, I visited Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. You may read more below the picture album.


A short break of four days in Western Cyprus. What a place to spend an extended weekend. I decided this was going to be a trip to relax. No day trips and excursions as I always do. And boy was that hard, because there is so much to see in Cyprus. But relaxing it sure was. I loved the beaches, the restaurants, the bars. The people were very friendly and hospitable. It's a welcoming, happy island. Paphos is a historical city which deserves a day or two of exploring, three if you want to take in the beaches and walk the whole boardwalk. Watch the sunsets, have some beers, walk along the port at night. Having an ice cream next to the castle. It's the simple pleasures that make Paphos great. As you can see in my short clip below.

I stayed at the Ocean Blue Apartments. The host was fantastic, awaiting me in his car at 2 A.M. while check-in was supposed to be no later than 1 A.M. Spacious apartment with all amenities expected. Only downside is that the host couldn't charge the amount from my credit card and payment was to be done immediately. Nonetheless a fantastic stay. Loved the balcony as well, perfect to sit outside on a warm summer evening. And warm it sure gets. It's very humid and, especially compared to Bulgaria, far hotter. Keep this in mind, summer is most likely unbearable unless you know what you're up against. The apartment was right near the Tomb of the Kings Boulevard and the Lighthouse Beach, which is just a beautiful location. From there, take the boardwalk to the center and beyond.

I went to Old Paphos as well but it was very quiet on a Sunday. All stores were closed and few people in the streets. Some but few things to see, such as the Mosque and the covered market, provided it's not Sunday. Otherwise a nice walk from the coast, all the way up. Perhaps best to take a bus though. Also, the bus station to other cities such as Larnaca, Limmassol and Nicosia is right near the Old Town. Local buses, such as to the airport and waterpark leave from the Paphos harbour. Check all routes here and have a relaxing trip, just like I did!

Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol

My second time in Cyprus. This time on the eastern shores. Just four nights, in the Kimonos Guesthouse in Larnaca. It was fine for me as a single traveler, in fact it's a shared apartment. The host was very friendly and the location is quite good, at about 15 minutes walking from the beach. However, as it was January 2019, it was too cold for the beach. It was even a bit rainy at times. That's why I didn't hang out in Larnaca much and decided to, on the first day already, take a bus to Nicosia. A place I never thought I would visit. The last divided capital on the world. It's quite a beautiful city and even though it has just over 300.000 inhabitants in total, it definitely feels like a big city. It's divided through the middle and it's become easy to visit the Turkish-occupied area. Take your passport, cross through Ledras street and you're there. No stamps required. Please note that it's possible to visit as a EU Citizen, if you're not it might be a different scenario. Read up before going on Wikitravel. Definitely read there what to see in the city as well. Nicosia has plenty to see for at least a full day, stay longer if you want to linger around in museums, pleasant restaurants and bars. The city receives considerably less tourists than the coastal parts of the country, just seeing the more authentic Cyprus is reason enough to visit.

Larnaca itself is a good place to stay as well. There's not a whole lot to do but it's fun to relax and surely if the weather is good and the beaches are full. Long walks along the coast are great and so are the many places to have a meal along the Finikoudes Boulevard. Then I also decided to visit Limassol. The rain wasn't stopping so it was not bad to sit in a warm bus. It took about an hour and 15 minutes to get there and again a very pleasant city to walk through. I especially liked the boulevard of this city, where the waves were a lot higher than in Larnaca. But there didn't seem to be a beach right within the city center so that's something to consider. There is definitely a good beach in Larnaca itself. Limassol is again a city with many cafes, catered to tourists as it's where cruise ships arrive. Nice restaurants, a tiny old center and the cute churches dotted throughout the center. Definitely a fun day trip from Larnaca, or even Paphos. All in all I really like Cyprus but would prefer to avoid the big crowds. That's why I chose to come in winter, although that might involve the occasional rain. Had a great vacation both times I visited. It's a fun, vacation type of island. With friendly people, good food and, if you come at the right time, lots of sun!

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