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Even though I normally write about Eastern Europe on my website, I have recently been to Italy a few times. I found that it's easy to travel there, from, for example, Bulgaria. In the era of low-cost flights, it's getting more affordable to make such trips. Not only Italians can come visit Eastern Europe, we from the East can travel West as well. I had never been to Italy in my life and, on a rainy day, I checked where I could fly with Wizzair. I found attractive flights; leaving either early in the morning or late at night. This meant I could go even for just a weekend. So it happened; I visited Rome first. Then another few days in Naples and surroundings and then, to Bologna on Friday night and back on Sunday night. I had always wanted to visit Italy, mostly because I had always been interested in what the country has to offer. It has literally anything a traveler can wish for. And, even though I've done little research into the country's history and stunning sights, I would like to share my pictures with you. There's a lot to see and, as this website is frequented by many Bulgarian readers, I'd like to write about international trips they can take as well.

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