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Another weekend in Italy, landing at Bergamo airport for the second time. First time I had been to Bergamo itself, which is a lovely city. Yet, I had to see Milan itself as well. I did not hear any positive stories about Milan - most people I told I was going there said it would pale in comparison with Rome or Florence. But I'm not going to conclude what city is better or worse than the other. Each city has its own character and energy. So does Milan. And no matter the neutral impression Milan makes on many - I was going to explore it nonetheless. In fact I was more tempted to go, and to head outside the center to possibly find some true treasures. Because I've never been disappointed traveling in Italy. Especially when I go off the beaten path, which is also possible in cities overrun by tourists.

And so I got to Bergamo airport (Orio al Serio). There's buses for 5 Euro's to Milan central station.  Some of the companis offer a lower price if you take a return ticket. You could take a train as well but you'd have to get to Bergamo itself by bus first. Not that Bergamo is that far, it's actually at walking distance of about an hour. Nonetheless, the bus is far easier to take. Directly in front of the arrival hall. Bring some cash and pay your ticket directly at the platform. Enjoy free wifi on board if you're lucky!

After an hour and a half or so, you'll be in Milan. This all depends on the traffic, I can imagine it's pretty bad on work days and then it might even make sense to take the train. In Milan, it's quite a walk to the center from the station. The metro is convenient and quick though. You'll be at the Duomo cathedral in a matter of minutes. I slept at OstellOlinda, which was pretty good just far from the center. I had a 24 hour metro ticket of which the prices are quite reasonable. In the morning I went to the metro station Afori Centro to have some cappuccino at the Lucky Bar, right across the street. Then I continued to the city center.


I really enjoyed Milan. Especially the areas outside the center, for example south towards the Basilica Sant'Eustorgio. There are some quiet streets and coffee stores all around. It's just a cool city to walk around in. I didn't enter the Duomo cathedral as I found the entry rates to be quite steep. Most of my time wasd therefore spent outside the center. I loved the Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione as well - a beautiful area. Milan overall is really worth a visit. I did miss the main sights interor, but that's fine by me. I might return and include Turin in the trip as well. There's still so much to explore in Italy. And Milan is certainly a good city in my experience. There will be enough to do for any interest.

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