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I decided to visit Rome once I found there's ideal connections from Sofia. Even though I did not have any free days, I could still go for a weekend. And so it happened; I chose to fly early from Sofia with Ryanair. I booked that flight. Then, I just needed to get back on Sunday. There was a flight with Ryanair but it left quite early, leaving far too little time in Rome. Therefore, I checked WizzAir and found there was a flight back on Sunday afternoon. Both flights were affordable and, even though we all know it's too little time for Rome, I still decided to do it. The only disadvantage was that the flights landed and departed from different airports; I would land at Ciampino Airport and depart from Fiumicino Airport. Both are, of course, well connected to the center. I did my research and noticed I could travel from Ciampino into Rome by bus only. Yet, Fiumicino is connected by train as well. It's a lot farther from the center and it's Italy's largest and busiest airport. On the way back, flying from Fiumicino, make sure to come on time if you fly to Bulgaria. The gate was all the way on the other side of the airport, even connected by a light rail ride.

So, I landed in Rome around 8:00 in the morning. I took a bus into the city. Rome is a huge city so it took a while. I then got to the metro station Anangina and switched to the metro. My station was Re di Roma, where I stayed in the Guesthouse La Casa in Fiore. Such a beautiful place. I was received by the hosts, a young couple that directly made me an espresso. I sipped it slowly and was directly asked if it was any good. Apparently, it's not normally sipped as many Dutch people do but quickly thrown down. Anyway, it was a good coffee. And even if it wasn't, I wouldn't tell an Italian how to make their coffee!

I then got to my room, a good double bed with a nice table and chairs and some packed breakfast products. I could make a coffee any time, the hosts said. They mentioned plenty of sights I to visit but, as my time would only be so short, they just suggested me to go into town and see what I could. There's just too much to take in. This is what I direclty noticed as I got into the center; it's incredibly large and packed with architectural wonders. It doesn't end. People say Rome reminds you of the fact that your life is finite. Rome shows you that there was a civilization far before you existed and the remains will be there, hopefully, for eternity. Rome is there, in its eternal beauty, and it has been for thousands of years.

Obviously, Rome attracts millions of people from all over the world. The main monuments were being closely monitored by armed guards and for many churches, bags had to go through an X-ray. As I had walked a lot already; past the Colloseum, along the river Tiber and through many streets, I was exhausted. I decided to take a train to a random town closeby. I looked at a map and chose Frascati. It would be around an hour by train and I'd be in a more quiet town, away from the crowds. Seemed like an excellent plan. I slept in the street and gave my tired legs a rest. Then, I got off in Frascati. It's a very historical town, no surprise for Italy. I found it to be very pleasant. There's a lovely city park, many places to have a coffee and some nice central squares as well. Just an average Italian town, yet I found it intriguing to see. Impressive buildings, cosy streets, and a view over Rome from afar. It's a highly recommended excursion. On the way back, by train, I slept again and after an hour I got back at Rome Termini train station. I was recharged and decided to continue 'the tour' in Rome. The Trevi fountain, the Pentagon and eventually the Vatican. I got there at 1:00AM. I looked at it from outside as, obviously, it was closed. It was very impressive to see all these world famous landmarks. I then walked back to central Rome and took the metro to the hotel. The metro worked until about 2:00AM. The train was full of people from all corners of the world. Truly a metropolis.

As I was tired from the long day, next morning I took it easy and decided to go enjoy some coffees and relax. Then I visited some large cathedrals such as the 'Basilica Di San Giovanni' and eventually boarded the train from Rome Termini train station to the airport. I took a last cappuccino from the station and enjoyed the train ride. I found Rome to be a stunning city, yet I believe there's nobody who isn't impressed by its beauty. It's easy to reach from Eastern Europe, especially with the budget airlines of nowadays. And, even though I do not have the historical knowledge and haven't stayed long enough to give true insights, I can truly recommend this city to anyone. Besides, the Guesthouse La Casa in Fiore, of which you can see pictures melow, deserves my recommendation. 





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