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In western Bulgaria, the Tran gorge marks the border area with Serbia. This gorge sits along the Erma river that passes through Serbia and Bulgaria. It is a very attractive sight in this part of the country and a perfect spot to visit for a day. The gorge is especially interesting for lovers of nature and hikers. You can hike far into the woods towards Serbia if you fancy. When visiting the extraordinary cliffs at the actual gorge, the walk is not difficult. The gorge is situated at three kilometres from Tran. Doing the walk is easy, as the road is in good condition. Uphill, on the left side of the road, is an old, abandoned monastery. You can see the path when paying close attention. Coming from the town, it is right before a small bridge crossing the river, on your left hand. There is a sign with some information and after a fifteen minute walk, you can admire the monastery's abandoned glory. Following the main road, it is another kilometre to the gorge. There is a large parking directly in front of it. From there, the tall peaks welcome you. The erosive force of the river cut these formations through thousands of years. They show that nature always goes its own way. Crossing wooden bridges and a long, dark tunnel right through a rock formation, you conclude that this is untamed nature. The remarkable variety of species of trees, grass and bush and the many bird species found in the inaccessible, steep areas make this area very precious. Each season has its own charm, from the flowers in spring to the colours of autumn. However, in the heart of winter, the wooden bridges might get icy and dangerous to cross. Several guesthouses are available in Tran, as well as near the gorge. There are some adverts along the road and otherwise, consulting someone will surely get you a bed for the night.


From Sofia, Tran can be reached in about 90-100 minutes. Buses leave from Avtogara Zapad (West Bus Station), also known as Avtogara Ovcha Kupel. The schedule, as of November 2015, is below the pictures.

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