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Those who know Bulgaria are well aware of its natural wealth. Abundant springs of mineral water, lush hills and steep mountains, lakes and vast plains. Fields of grapes and sunflowers stretch until the horizon and beaches reach into the blue waters. Subterranean, the country is also blessed with various assets. Its caves are truly marvellous and each have their unique characteristics. Caves in Bulgaria tend to have many interesting legends attached to them. Likewise, they have been given beautiful names such as 'Snezhanka', meaning 'Snowwhite'. One of Bulgaria's most beautiful is the 'Devil's Throat Cave', described in this article.


In Southern Bulgaria, the Devil's Throat Cave has the largest underground waterfall in the Balkans. The entrance represents the devil's head, with a waterfall rushing down its throat. The Trigrad River enters the cave from the massive canyon and falls down the cave from a height of 42 meters. The main hall in which the waterfall enters the cave is enormous - it is called the Hall of Thunder. Many experiments with pieces of wood proved that what follows the river, will never come out on the other end, where the river continues. The river goes into a mysterious underground kingdom that has never been explored. Two professional divers went in to study the underground caves but they were never seen again. Until now, no further attempts have been made. The cave is populated by over 2000 bent-wing bats, which add more mystery to the immense cave and its surroundings.

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