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The Spanish capital was never really on my radar. If I'd fly to Spain, I'd rather go to the coast, I always thought. Yet I got a spark of curiosity after some friends said it's one of Europe's finest cities and a true metropolis. I still didn't feel like going as others said it either tends to be hot or rainy. Not sure how much of that is true but I don't mind a bit of bad weather. There's always something to do in a huge city and I was aware that Madrid has some of Europe's best museums, such as the Prado Museum. Eventually, I found a ticket to fly from Sofia to Madrid and back for 20 Euros. I booked the flight right away and started looking into all that the city has to offer. Directly I read about the city's nightlife which is said to be some of Europe's best. I'm not fond of going out partying when I travel as I prefer to get up early and see the place. But I had to see it in Madrid.


And so I went. I arrived on Friday evening and left on Sunday evening. Just perfect for the weekend. And what a city! Incredible. I had some sangria amongst the Spanish. They were all enjoying their tapas. I caught some of their positive vibes and experienced the capital that truly never sleeps. The Madrileños dance until the small hours, in fact they never seem to stop enjoying themselves. I walked along the Gran Vía, the city's main street in the pitch of night, and felt like in a true metropolis. What a place to visit!


I stayed in Hostal La Casa De La Plaza, which was the most affordable for a single room. It was quite good for me, a quiet room with a single bed for 23 Euros a night. Right next to the fantastic San Miguel Market where there's plenty to eat and drink in a good and vibrant atmosphere. I walked all over the city and used the convenient metro as well. Madrid has a huge metro network, covering most if not nearly all of the city. I got to the Palacio Real, the Royal Palace of Madrid, which looks fantastic. Haven't been inside unfortunately. Interesting sights nearby include the Ermita Virgen del Puerto, Chalecito de la Reina, Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena, the Muralla Árabe and the Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande. All stunning sights. There's far more in Madrid, such as the Retiro park and the small streets around the Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun). It's the beating heart of the city. For nightlife, it's just all over the place. It doesn't even make sense for me to recommend places. Madrid is a very liberal and open-minded city with clubs and bars for any interest. There's a whole area with gay bars and clubs if you're into that. It's around Chueca metro station. Apart from that, the city has jazz bars, rock clubs and anything else you could possibly think of. A true metropolis.

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