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Since a long time, Yaremche has been the most popular spot to relax in this part of the Carpathian Mountains. In the period between the First and Second World War, this part of Ukraine belonged to Poland and even back the city received over 6000 guests yearly. However, in 1939 the city was captured by Soviet troops and the number of visitors from Poland decreased a bit. Since 1991 the city is part of independent Ukraine again and slowly the region's potential is rediscovered. Its location makes it quite far off most tourists' common trails through Eastern Europe. In general, Southwestern Ukraine is not really frequented by western tourists, besides the city of Lviv. Those that do venture into this untouched region are easily absorbed by its charm. During summer, Yaremche is a base for many tourists from all over Ukraine and other countries nearby, such as Romania and Poland. The Carpathian Mountains hide many secrets and adventurous visitors might keep themselves busy for weeks on end. As Yaremche is right at the foot of National Park Carpathian Mountains, this is Ukraine's nature at its best. The national park and its surroundings truly boast many options for some leisure. Ski towns such as Vorkokhta, sleepy villages where time stood still, steep mountain slopes and lush, green hills. When autumn starts the region is, arguably, at its finest. Gloomy villages with friendly people whom still chop wood and keep livestock. Stunning marked trails that you have all to yourself to explore. Quiet roads you can ride with a rental bike. Rushing streams with water running from the mountains. After a full day in nature, a harty Ukrainian dinner awaits you in one of the many excellent hotels.


Just south of Yaremche is a marked trail that leads upto Makovica mountain, about 940 metres tall. Its summit is marked by a cross with in its heart the Ukrainian Coat of Arms. A stunning view over the surrounding valley and, of course, Yaremche, rewards your hike. Back down the trail guides you right through the woods, back to a village close to Yaremche. This is one such typical village of Southwestern Ukraine, with many wooden houses, gardens full of apple trees and the scent of wood that's used for heating. Along the main road it is half an hour back to Yaremche and it will dawn on you that this region yet remains so untouched by foreign influences, even though other EU countries are so closeby. Battered ladas swing around potholes and now and then a classic motorbike or truck full of apples passes you by, drivers all friendly wave at you. In Yaremche you can truly find rest, or maybe it finds you. The town's spa centers can certainly help you relax after a long day.


In Yaremche are a couple of places that offer bike rental, an excellent option to explore the region. As Yaremche is in a valley, it is easy to follow river Prut to the south and discover some interesting places. If you are in for a more challenging route, plenty of steep roads lead into the hills starting from Yaremche. Some hotels along the main road cater your need for a lunchbreak or a drink on your way. Yaremche offers many good places to spend the night - so many the choice is all yours, especially off-season. Most hotels are modern, comfortable and offer good service. It is therefore easy to compare hotels upon arrival, so you can find a place that best suits your need. Some places might even offer bike rental or additional services such as access to their spa center. Sometimes, maps of the region can also be obtained. Getting to Yaremche is quite easy as well - since a long time visitors have arrived by train from all over Ukraine. From Lviv or Kiev it is a comfortable ride with large transport hub Ivano Frankivsk to possibly stay a day as well. This is an interesting city with quite a nice center. Yaremche is relatively close to Romania, many buses leave for Rakhiv and then for the Romanian border. Nearby cities such as Kolomyya are interesting as well. As other large cities in Ukraine, most have nice city centers and large parks to stroll around and relax in. In all cities there is definitely some interesting architecture and events awaiting you, just follow your senses and Ukraine is a real treat for the explorer of this fantastic country!

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