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In southwestern Bulgaria, the Pirin mountain range is one of the most untouched areas of Bulgaria. Vihren is its tallest peak with a mighty 2.914 metres. The name Pirin derives from the Slavic god Perun of thunder and lightning. A wonderful asset of this mountain chain and national park is its 176 crystal-clear lakes. They are surrounded by marble ridges and peaks topped with eternal snow. Many extremely rare species of plants are found in the dense forests, such as the Edelweiss and the Pirin Poppy. Furthermore, 177 bird species inhabit the national park and 45 mammals roam the forests. The national park's pristine forests and lakes are accessible from several entry points, one of them being the city of Bansko.


The mountain range is worth discovering. In addition, there are small settlements and villages around the national park. One of these villages carries the name Pirin. Split in two by the wild river Pirinska Bistritsa and surrounded by the majestic Pirin mountains, this village is beautifully located. Even though Pirin village is at about ten kilometres south of the national park, it is surrounded by Pirin mountains and perfectly displays the life in this area. It is interesting to see how people's lives are influenced by living amidst the mountains and how they go about their daily chores. This village looks cut off from the world even though it is only two kilometres off the main road between Gotse Delchev and Sandanski. In Pirin, life continues as it does back in the years. Bulgaria enjoys having four seasons, giving the country a completely different look each season. Spring season turns the forests into flowerbeds. In summer, temperatures peak and the sun generously spreads its rays over the mountains for months. Autumn turns the scenery into a colourful palette. Before the autumn ends, people chop wood that will keep them warm through winter. The year's last month comes late in this part of the south. However, snowfall and freezing temperatures might make the village hard to access. Paths from the village lead up to the wealth of natural beauty in the Pirin mountains. It is a serene and quiet place and if you'd enjoy spending the night, there is a guesthouse called Biserova.

On your way south from Sofia, there are several nice places to stop by. Make a detour through Dragoman, Tran or Zemen. Have lunch in Blagoevgrad or Kyustendil. Make sure to visit Petrich and the area around as well, it's fantastic. So is Gotse Delchev. Please ask me in case of any questions, I'd love to help out!

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