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This very pretty cave has five connecting halls that cover a span of 400 metres. Having seen several caves in Bulgaria and many other Eastern European countries, I found this one of the most beautiful so far. It displays every form that is found in caves: stalactites, stalagmites, karst lakes, rock curtains, and so forth (Source: BulgariaTravel). The formations are well-lit and the guide explains every detail. He shows interesting formations that would otherwise go unnoticed. Even though the cave is not too large, it had me so impressed I stayed after the tour to admire its beauty.


Not far from the village of Brestnitsa, you get tickets near the cave's entrance and wait for the guide to invite you in. The guide that showed me the cave was about 180 centimetres tall, had sturdy shoes and wore a cap that lay flat on his hat. He had a lot of fun with the children attending the tour and made many jokes. He showed many formations I would have never found myself, such as one resembling a large pepper. He explained about the cave's history. It was named after the brothers Seyu and Sae, whom hid here from the Ottomans. As the cave was being developed for its opening, animal bones and Roman coins were found. It is very humid and the guide said there is a difference in temperature between the lower and upper part. The lower part is 8 degrees Celcius and the upper part 10. As you return to the lower part, you actually notice the difference.


As the tour itself takes less than an hour, you have the opportunity to include many other sights in your trip. Some examples; the Lukovit area with Glozhene monastery, the Svoge area, the Prohodna Cave or the cities of Pleven or Lovech. As the cave is centrally located, it is also a good base to visit Vidin and Belogradchik. In case of any questions about your trip, do not hesitate to contact me!


In the article about the Lukovit area I write about other sights nearby and places to stay in the region.

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