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Known as a place with some of Bulgaria's freshest air, Tryavna is located in the northern part of Central Bulgaria. Surrounded by mid-range hills and the Stara Planina mountain range just 20 kilometres south, Tryavna makes a good destination for a weekend. It is just 45 kilometres south of Veliko Tarnovo, along the main axis to Stara Zagora. Tryavna is close to Gabrovo, Bozhentsi and Eter which are all good places to visit. Tryavna is famous for its typical Revival architecture, a Bulgarian style that is often found in Central Bulgaria. Besides, Tryavna is home to many craftsmen that still perform their work in alleys around the central square. One craft that has many pieces produced is wood carving. Because of its central location in the country on several traffic axes, the town receives many tourists. Most of these are Bulgarian, as the town is little known to foreigners whom mostly stick around in Veliko Tarnovo.


It is lovely to sip a cup of coffee on the central square on a sunny day. The clock tower and bridge close to the central square are the town's main highlights. To get back to the wood crafting - St. Archangel Michael church in the center features some stunning pieces. The bishop's throne and several icons are absolutely worth visiting to admire this timeless beauty. Even though the town is quite small with only over 9.000 inhabitants, it features all kinds of tourist infrastructure. The town itself offers several modern hotels and plenty of good, traditional Bulgarian restaurants. As Tryavna has long been famed for its fresh air, resorts have always been packed with people from all over Bulgaria. Those who needed to pay attention to their lungs due to health problems were always frequent visitors. These hotels are in the hills surrounding Tryavna and especially in Voneshta Voda, about 20 kilometres from north of Tryavna. This small town has a couple of large resorts that are nowadays very popular for their spa facilities, which are obviously really good.


The region's dense forests are a clear proof of why so many people love to come here for a breath of pure air and just for relaxation. Many opportunities are around for hiking, biking or simply for taking it down a notch. The forests house many secrets and have a significant biological relevance. Furthermore, Tryavna is just a short drive away from the Shipka monument and mountain pass. Buzludzha monument can be visited as well, provided the pass is not covered in snow. To conclude: Tryavna's amenities for tourists, its excellent infrastructure and winding, scenic roads make this a perfect destination for a roadtrip. To give one such itinerary: leave from Sofia through Teteven and Ribaritsa or through Lovech. Then Troyan, Apriltsi and Gabrovo make good stopovers. On the way back it is possible to go directly south to Stara Zagora, visit the flooded church or take the Shipka Pass and visit Buzludzha. The monument is closed for visitors as of February 2015, the hole to get inside is sealed. Heading to Sofia, there are several other destinations worth a stop such as Kalofer, Karlovo and Sopot with its cable car. This cable car leads you far up into the Stara Planina mountain range, one of Bulgaria's most beautiful assets. As Central Bulgaria has a wide diversity in terms of sights, it makes sense to take at least a couple of days to visit its highlights. Tryavna should definitely be included in the itinerary, the pictures below should be convincing enough!

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