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The train after work

Mihail took the train first thing after work. It had been enough with his boss, the menial tasks. The degrading questions. The bullying of coworkers. Time to go. And to never come back. But where to go? Is this just for a day or forever? Would the neighbours get concerned? Mihail couldn’t think straight and held his backpack tightly. He looked outside the train window as it was heading north, plowing through the snowy fields. He opened his backpack and found his work trousers in there. Angrily he walked through the train, kicked open the bathroom door and flushed the trousers down the toilet. They stayed stuck halfway and as if it wasn’t enough, Mihail tossed his work jacket in there as well. He’d never wear the thing with the stupid logo again. He slammed the bathroom door behind him as he returned to his seat. “Give me your ticket and get to the door, I’m kicking you out of this train, you rogue bastard!” yelled the conductor lady at him. “Do you flush objects down your own toilet as well? Can I clog up yours, you hunk of trash?” Mihail was frightened by the sudden outburst and stared right through the conductor. “What makes you think you can walk around here and mess up my train, you city bum?” Mihail walked towards the door as the train slowed down. He whispered a silent “sorry” as the conductor pushed open the doors and Mihail descended down the icy platform. He nearly slipped but eventually made it down. The conductor stared at Mihail, looking in disgust as the train pulled out of the village station. Vlado Trichkov village. Nothing to do as far as Mihail knew. He walked down the staircase leading into the village, he entered the first bar he saw. Probably the only one as well. “Rakija, double..” he mumbled as he threw his hat on the table. He paid his drink with the last few coins he had left from work the day before, sat down and suddenly felt better. He stared into the reflection of the window and nodded in satisfaction.

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