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A Bulgarian summer

Again a dynamic year. And what better time to be and stay in Bulgaria! Each weekend, I am out and about. Exploring, having fun, just bringing my hammock and hanging out. Now and then I meet some local people, have a chat with them, have a drink together. I got to drive a Lada, went offroad with a Jeep, and had lots of laughs with the Bulgarians. I love this place more than ever. It's an incredibly hot summer this 2021. People can do little more than relax, it's just too hot to be bothered to do anything more. Although I haven't been to the seaside, I've done many mountain trips. There's just too much to see inbetween Sofia and the Black Sea.

The food has been wonderful everywhere. Restaurants do a great job, with affordable, high-quality meals and good service. I took some pictures of my everyday summer scene. I go out to eat, go visit the pool of my gym, then make some trips on the weekend. Join me on this journey through this little picture album. For more adventures, check out my Youtube channel, I'm sure you'll learn more about Bulgaria and perhaps even be convinced to visit!

Have a great summer,


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