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A Dutch autumn

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

It might be a surprise to many, but I moved back to the Netherlands. Another surprise is that it's just for a short while. No worries, it's for good reasons! I found a new job, and got an opportunity I couldn't let pass. Since October, I work for the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. Here, I'm a Contract Manager, working on contracts and negotiations for clinical trials. How do I find myself in this environment? Well, in Bulgaria I worked in clinical research, and have a solid experience in the field. The job market in the Netherlands is quite tight, meaning there are a lot of jobs and few people to fill these positions. That's a thing of 2020 and 2021, before that was hardly the case. After all, I left the Netherlands in 2014, and one of the reasons was that there were few jobs to come by.

Part of the deal is that I got housing in Amsterdam and will get to work remotely from Sofia after my onboarding period. So that's definitely a plus for me, I didn't need to move anything to the Netherlands except bring a suitcase. I left my belongings in Bulgaria and I just get back within a few months and continue my life there. Just with a new job. My work is very enjoyable. Because I negotiate contracts for clinical trials, these have a direct influence on the patients that I walk by on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they suffer from the terrible disease called cancer, and it's really hard to see the effect it has on people.

In either case. I find myself in Amsterdam now. The glorious capital of the Netherlands. The city of tolerance, of gay life, of the canals, and what not.. It is a nice city to live. I feel free here, to be myself, to live my best life, and to just take a breather and relax. After Christmas, I'll be back in Bulgaria. As the world is rather chaotic (best not watch the news), I just treasure the moments with my family, and appreciating what my country has to offer. It is far better to be back here than I ever dared to expect.

All the best and talk soon,


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