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Cab ride home

Ivan had once more pushed his limits. Spent his money lavishly. He’d been out on the town all night and had a couple of drinks. Then bought a bottle and tried to invite some ladies over, just for company. When none seemed interested, he asked some guys to joined him. Just to make friends. Yet he ended up going home alone. He talked to the cab driver, about love and how they hadn’t found it so far. But both were satisfied with life. The cab driver was the realest person Ivan had met all week. And as he got home, he smoked a cigar on his balcony. It must have been after midnight. In the apartment blocks across the streets, one light after another shut off. And so the stars shone bright in the midnight sky. Ivan looked at them and felt good about himself. And even though he would have liked sharing this moment with someone, he didn’t mind too much. The stars now were his company and everything was fine. He felt alone but not lonely. And if he ever would feel lonely, he would take a cab to town. Not to buy these drinks again, but perhaps just to chat with the driver.

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