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Using mental weight to strengthen yourself

Life puts weight on our shoulders. It's hard to shed off because it keeps increasing at times. At work but also at home. A hard day with a difficult client in the office, perhaps a relationship that's not running smoothly. Each event adds more weight and it's not easy to deal with it. It feels like a heavy backpack with more bricks in it each day. Sometimes the weight seems less, it's like someone lifting up the backpack for a second. But it's still strapped to our shoulders. Eventually, this backpack is pulling down your shoulders again. Our body language gets sloppy and we slug through the hallways.

We'd like to let it go but that won't happen unless we expell the energy somehow. We'd like to drop off the weight, get rid of the headache and just sleep in a bit. We want to go home and drink a good glass of wine. Or just lay down. And we should allow ourselves to do so once in a while. But we shouldn't be afraid to carry the weight. There's a certain bliss in facing hardship. And instead of trying to drop it off our shoulders so quickly, let's try actually carrying it to see if we manage.

See if you can keep it on your back for longer than you think. Stick it out for a bit, test your courage and patience.

Let's try to become comfortable with some weight. Metaphorically, we can start lifting it. It's on our shoulders now, why not do some exercise with it. We'll grow some muscle, capability to deal with it. No matter what the weight may be. Don't give up right away. Let's strengthen ourselves. Let's deal with the assignment at work, perhaps if we do the exercise, we grow into a better version of ourselves. Exercise makes stronger. Not only physical - also mental. Think of the mental baggage as a weight that you can start lifting, up and down, lift it up with the arms or through the knees. We can use a physical weight to strengthen ourselves so why not use mental weight for the same cause. If it's too heavy, let it go for a while, but don't be afraid to pick it up again. We can only get stronger.

The world can seem cold but nobody says we can't handle it. Tomorrow might be better, there's always sunshine after rain! We are a lot tougher than we think. So start lifting - both mentally and physically.

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