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Start living already

Your days are numbered. So are everyone's. There's about 28.000 in the average human's life. So it's about time you start living these days. Do you live the days you go through? Or, are you wallowing away in front of the television? If so, it might be time for some changes. I hope you're healthy now. Able to make decisions. I hope you're independent and free to go where you like. I hope you made wise decisions up to this point, are debt free and without regrets. If that all sounds like you, then you have all the odds with you to make a change. To go out and enjoy yourself. To move abroad, to make a new life. To reinvent yourself. And even if what I just described doesn't sound like you, there's still options to go out and turn the wheel around. At least go out. Use your senses. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds, put the phone away for a day.

If you hate your job, sit it out, collect some money and go into the wild world. People live everywhere and they survive anywhere. Most people work, everywhere. So there are jobs for you as well. There's no reason not to get out there, no reason to stay in your home town. Make the change today, because your life is finite. It could end at any moment. Or it could take a long time. But it doesn't matter, you're here now. Imagine the choices and freedom you have, and how you have done so little with it upto now. Many would love to be in your position. If you have a good head with some good brains, you're fairly intelligent, the world is your oyster. The possibilities are endless. And more doors open as you progress. First find the other job, in the place you want to go. Don't always follow your passion, why not go where the money is? Passions can be followed in your free time as well. WIth more money, you can delve into these more than being a hungry artist or web designer.

Nonetheless, you know what's best for you. The answers are already inside you. Just don't wait until your final days on this world to voice these ideas. Act on them now, not tomorrow, today is the day. There is only today, it's all that we're given.

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