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The call of adventure

Living abroad, you partly or completely have to reinvent yourself. Mostly if you go alone. The advice 'just be who you are' doesn't fly when you're in a new place on your own. Partly it could, but nobody knows who you are. So you're a new person to them. And while you're abroad, you'll undoubtedly change. You'll never be the same once you take the leap. There's lots of joy awaiting you. But lots of persistence and patience is needed. You'll be a new person to the new people you meet. Especially where nobody knows you. So you might as well make some small modifications on your character, perhaps you've been told you're kind of a bore and need to be more open. Just the fact of you being abroad, alone, in a new place, can give you the extra courage to from now on just be that person. You'll get used to it as you start. Courage is needed but better jump right in it than stare against the challenge. Go out, make new friends, chat up someone you fancy. Even if you'd never do it back home. Especially if you'd never do it back home. You're a new person now, an adventurer, who went at it alone. A person learning, developing, and growing by taking up each challenge you're faced with.

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