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Ups and downs of living abroad

It seems like it's all fun. It is, until it's not. Living abroad is hard. No matter where. You could say that life is hard in general. It has ups and downs. I would say living abroad makes these ups and downs more intense. I'm incredibly happy when I see my folks in the Netherlands but the sadness when I leave again crushes me for at least a day. I then start wondering where I even belong. Sometimes I just don't know. And I feel stuck in the rut of living here - going to work and doing daily chores. But once the plane lands, I'm back in Sofia and at work again, working out, doing groceries, I feel just fine. And when I'm on a hike in Bulgaria's glorious mountains or having a drink on a sunny terrace the 'up' gets very intense again. I guess this is all a part of it. A life abroad intensifies your struggles but also your rewards. And I found I'm more than willing to deal with both. Are you up for it?

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