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I write for nobody

If you read my blog, you're one of the few. And I hope you'll find some interesting stories on it. Yes, my travel stories attract readers, but the blog, which is more personal, rarely does. Yet I keep going, and I will keep going. Not just for the lonely reader out there, if there is one, but to re-frame my thoughts. Writing things down, just getting them out there, helps reflect on life. It's a positive outlet for strong emotions and thoughts I wouldn't otherwise be able to sort out.

I hope that the reader who does read these words, is inspired to make the best of this life. To move out of the safe harbour and set your sails towards adventure. To take a glass of good wine and plan your next trip or big step towards your self-development. I hope you're propelled to carve out a place in the world, a place just for yourself. Whether you're alone, with friends or in a relationship, strive to make the most of each moment. Live in the present but strive for the best future.

Keep reading and above all, consider writing yourself. You'd be surprised about the good it can do for you. Start writing down whatever comes up. Just start. Write for ten minutes, read it back and you'd never have thought this was just in your mind. No matter if it's good or not. That's also not why I write. I want to be better each day, to live a true life to myself, and that's why I write. Thoughts move away but once they're written down, they're there to stay. And I share them with people, although very few read. It doesn't matter, it's out there for the ones interested.

Make the best of your day, and send me a message if you enjoy my stories or have any questions.

Best, Leon

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