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Travel advice Eastern Europe

The importance of paying off your loans

September 11, 2019

He who thinks

September 4, 2019

The southeasternmost point of the mainland EU

July 11, 2019

Adventure calls

March 27, 2019

Morning coffee

March 27, 2019

Life is short

December 5, 2018

It's a beautiful day to be alive

November 13, 2018

In your life, what do you do just for yourself?

August 27, 2018

On the move

August 18, 2018

Don't settle down if you don't want to

August 10, 2018

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Travel advice Eastern Europe

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July 11, 2019

The South-Easternmost point of the continental EU, Rezovo village on the Turkish border.

March 27, 2019

From Sofia, I got to the Central Balkan mountain range by train for just €1,80. It was sunny and warm.

April 23, 2018

It seems like it's all fun. It is, until it's not. Living abroad is hard. Yet it's also very rewarding.

April 18, 2018

Your days are numbered. So are everyone's. Start living today.

March 23, 2018

Living abroad, you partly or completely have to reinvent yourself. Mostly if you go alone. The advice 'just be who you are' doesn't fly when you're in a new place on your own. Partly it could, but nobody knows who you are. So you're a new person to them. And while you'...

February 3, 2018

He who travels
Will never be the same
No matter if far oversees 
Or to the town across the river
It’s step by step
The traveler treads new ground
Beats prejudice
Makes personal victories
For each trip is different
And so the traveler is different
He now knows
What was...

November 18, 2017

Start one good habit.

The gym will be packed the first two weeks of the year. Then, most lose their motivation, lay on their couches and scroll through their phones. The rest of the year, instead of their muscles they’ll be stretching their necks. As far into their phon...

November 16, 2017

All bought from China with Aliexpress. Click image for a description and look below the gallery to find the links to buy these items yourself.

First aid kit

Medical gloves

CPR Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Emergency blanket



Thermal insulated bag

UV50+ Sun Prot...

November 11, 2017

The dark hotel hallways started looking the same. Yellow walls with paintings of the countryside. Or just plain posters. Cold staircases and old carpets. Flickering bright lights on the ceilings. The small rooms. Windows overlooking the cities and towns, dark roofs and...

October 28, 2017

It happens to many of us, the sudden urge to let it all be and leave on a trip. To travel for months or years on end. Why not even indefinitely? Sell the house, the car, let someone else take care of the dog. Then it's just packing bags, buying travel insurance and one...

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