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A good dog in Mirkovo

A dog coming wildly, from an empty old house Forgotten by time and surrounded by fields

I was afraid of its barking but there was no need This dog was just jumping, whisking its tail

Like it never knew pain and had not been alone Playful as children on a free summer day

Following me through fields past blossoming trees Clouds passing over in a rush to someplace

Birds singing softly, like sweet innocence Innocent as this dog, with dark fur and black eyes

Staying with me like good friends in bad times

Maybe even more hungry for company than food

Moving ahead of me into the village Tirelessly running through gardens and playgrounds

The sun had just set and closing time was near I went into a store hoping it would be patient

Sticking its nose through the door when I closed it Peeking inside through the window, at bright ugly light

Coming outside it was nowhere around I had let it gone, it had run somewhere else

Good things and good dogs leave as fast as they come I remember its eyes lighting up in the sun

Hopefully it still wags its tail at each one Passing through fields and then running along

© copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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