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Step after step, wide views and dense forests Until you must rest, because your feet hurt

Pick a marked trail, or cross through a meadow Nobody with you, besides your own shadow

The sun greets you, bright skies awake you Woodland, villages, dark rivers to cross

You follow the rhythm, nothing to stop you The whispers of nature, will guide you along

Walk mile after mile, a stick in your hand A hiker's mile is a special mile, it lasts as a memory

Until there's the moment, you don't feel the legs They merged with the mind, and you have calmed down

Relieved all the stresses, and gone is the frown

And once you return, to the village at sunset It's like the sun cries, and gives its last heat

Golden tears, golden hours They smoothen the soul

A sip of cool water, and feeling revived You'll be in good spirits

It's what hiking does

© copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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