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Golden domes on churches, reflecting bright sunbeams Cobblestone streets, as wide smiles with yellow teeth

Trams crawling slowly, past small stores and bookstalls Bringing us home, until the the night falls

And when some of us sleep, all safe and sound In parks streets and bars, the others are found

There is no free bench, the people hang out Our parks in the summer, is what it's about

The clinging of glasses, the bars full of laughter Parties all night, if that's what you're after

We can look at the mountain, when the sun rises It looks different each morning, and always surprises

Some days can be stormy, clouds dropping much rain Loose tiles and wet socks, we all know the pain

We all give our meaning, to this city we live in Many grew to like it, Sofia has its own way

If you take the time and keep presumptions at bay The charm of Sofia might convince you to stay

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