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The retreat

A secluded balcony

Away from the afternoon heat

Along goes the river

Just behind the small street

The view of green hills

A fresh breeze from the water

It sends chills down my spine

Even though it’s not cold

A weekend retreat

It never gets old

And yes it is quiet

But there’s coffee and books

A notebook with blank pages

Of course a black pen

So when there’s the feeling

Of a poem coming up

The book goes aside

Then a sip from the cup

I open the notebook

The pen takes control

And this thing only comes

When I’m on a retreat

Far from all the hustle

There’s just noisy crickets

In the long sturdy grass

The grass fresh from the rain

As long as there’s coffee and books

I won’t leave this chair

Should I finish one of these

I go down for a beer

Or even a pair

As I pour the drink

The sun begins to set

And there’s no one to see

How peaceful it is

It’s just through my writing

That I can express it

© copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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