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One foot in comfort and one in chaos

One foot in comfort and one in chaos

Since I’m in Bulgaria, I have my job and besides that lots of free time. In the first year here, I noticed time was flying by. I didn’t do much with the time off work. Well, I didn’t create anything lasting. Since that realization, I made it a point to produce more than I consume, in terms of what the mind. Continuing not doing much productive with my free time would have left to regrets, something I wanted to avoid at all cost. I can consume anything intellectually, such as books and movies. But, unless it’s very good, I’ll forget I ever consumed the material. Besides, I don’t take much out of most books and movies. Granted, I didn’t make a big effort to select the true best masterpieces that are said to be life-changing. And I wasn’t going to. I decided I would get to the movies and best series when I’d retire and have more time to sit around. If that day may come – it’s some time to go.

I started writing, painfully so. It wasn’t any good. I didn’t get many words on paper. I kept going. Out of all the texts I wrote, I dared to share just a few. Sharing my thoughts and feelings was far out of my comfort zone. But I got good feedback and decided to keep making myself uncomfortable. But not completely – I like my comfort. That’s why I now make it a point to put one foot in comfort and one in chaos, which is a place where I don’t know exactly what to do. I’m figuring things out and learn along the way. And if I get scared, I put two feet back in comfort. But only for a short moment, until I put myself back out there.

This metaphore can be useful for anyone wanting to reach some personal goals. Make it a reality check and think of whether you’re with two feet in comfort, perhaps two in chaos? It takes little to turn your life into chaos – I’m not talking about life-changing effects that pull the rug under your feet. This is about your day-to-day life, when you go to work and have some time for productive things in the evenings. Your weekends, when you think of starting a side hustle or writing a book. Put one foot in chaos. Do something you didn’t do before. You can always step back into comfort, but make that time short.

Start expecting more of yourself – eventually you’ll learn to find a balance between comfort and chaos. Things you do that make you uncomfortable can often lead you to places you didn’t expect you’d reach. And one door opens itself after another. A door you’d have never seen if you hadn’t taken the steps into chaos, into an activity you were slightly uncomfortable with.

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