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The importance of paying off your loans

Time equals money. So all money is produced by investing time in a cause. The time investment, either as in starting a company, working for a paycheck, or anything of the sort, will lead to money. Some investments of your render more profitability than others. But this post focuses on time and money being equal. In fact, time is more important of a resource, because it cannot be renewed. Hence time must be considered as incredibly valuable, No matter if you see others waste tons of it each day. Time is what is given to you, and there can be no more.

As money is produced by people investing time, it means that if you spend money, you indirectly buy something with your time. A part of your finite life is invested into that new couch or TV set. And just as much as your money is produced by time you took out of your life, so is other people's money. Meaning if you borrow money, you borrow other people's time. Time equals life as the whole human life revolves around the undetermined amount of time we have on this planet. Hence if you borrow other people's money, you borrow other people's life.

No matter if you borrow from the state, the bank, your brother or your aunt, that money got to them by a time investment of some sort. Hence the obligation of paying back money you borrow. No matter how little. Keeping in mind that you don't borrow money they might not even need, you borrow time from their finite life which will inevitably end, just like yours. And as time is a resource that is incredibly valuable (even though people are wasteful of it often), the burden is on you to pay back every dime.

Even if you were a teenager who signed on a dotted line, even if you feel misled or have a useless degree, the loans are yours to pay back. You were an adult at the time and not knowing what you get into, is no excuse for not paying back loans. And if you think borrowing from the state to finance your studies is not taking other people's time, that's wrong. As it's on the taxpayer's dime, no matter how little per capita.

Often I see people being undisciplined in paying back or not starting to pay off anything until reminders start coming in. And that's not the way it should go. As a matter of etiquette, what one borrows must be returned. And there's no bailouts for a study loan. As an adult, it's a duty to pay it back. And it's not all that hard if you work on it in a disciplined manner. And as the all-inspiring Jocko Willink says: "Discipline equals freedom". Each dime you pay off, the closer you are to being free from the burden of financial obligations.

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2020년 12월 08일

Hmm... credit cards charge 24% interest. I hardly believe any investment would give me a 24% net return. Something tells me I should pay off my credit card first.

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