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Don't hit the gym on January 1st

Start one good habit.

The gym will be packed the first two weeks of the year. Then, most lose their motivation, lay on their couches and scroll through their phones. The rest of the year, instead of their muscles they’ll be stretching their necks. As far into their phones as they can. By the end of the year, they’ll be aching – no generation before us has been this sedentary and bent forward as much as us. So start now, the gym is nearly empty. Take a year membership if it has a discount. Work on your posture. To lift weights, you need to stand straight. It does wonders for back ache and body language. Then, when New Year’s strikes, don’t go. It’s busy and you’ll hate it, especially if you go the first time. It’s not normally that busy!

Go travel on January 1st.

No matter where. It’s the cheapest time to go. Visit a city, even for a few days. Take two weeks off and visit a sunny place. Be active during the Holidays and your vacation. Take walks. Just the act of moving will clear your mind. By the time you’re back, the travel goal is tackled when most people are starting to look for a break in high season. They’ll pay many times more than you in January. You had an affordable trip and even have a gym membership for a year, with a discounted rate.

Stop one bad habit.

Instead of reaching for goals you’re unwilling to work for, stop something bad you’re doing. If you don’t know what, look at yourself as an outsider. As if you’re a friend trying to help. Think of “How can I best help this person?” One example: kick the phone habit and the Facebooking all the time. Take note of how you arch forward into your laptop or phone. Sit up back straight. Remember your body language each time you walk through a door. Lift the head back up, stand up straight. Do not use your phone if you’re with friends or family – you’ll pay more attention to what they say and it will not go unnoticed. Start now, you won’t even think of your habits anymore when the clock strikes midnight and the new year starts!

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