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Lake Lagoda morning

Morning sun rays hit the Lake Lagoda waters

Lighting up the room Dmytri Zolotov of Archangelsk sleeps in

He awakes and gets dressed, combs his beard with a brush

Outside Valaam monastery, thick mist covers the lake

Dmytri washes himself, pushes his boat off onto the water

Peddling softly, on the quiet lake

Birds hidden in tall grass, a Lagoda seal by the shore

Dmytri stops rowing, looks into the mist

It up slowly, as if afraid of the sun

It’s a summer day, the trees lush and green

The belltower island, Dmytri ties his boat to a pole

He holds onto the ladder, climbs up step by step

Then pulls hard the chord, the first bell rings

A stork is awoken and spreads its wings

As the mist clears the lake on this Lagoda morning

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