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From Sofia, I got to the Central Balkan mountain range by train for just €1,80. It was sunny and warm. My hike ended a bit far from the train station so I got to the main road and hitchhiked. This is easy and safe in Bulgaria. I asked to be brought to the next village to take the train but the family was so friendly to drive me all the way with them to Sofia. As we talked, we had the same interests so the daughter and her boyfriend asked me to come on a hike soon. Expat life in Bulgaria is as adventurous and active as you make it. But one thing is sure, it’s a very friendly country.

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  • Leon de Leeuw

No matter how hard the working days can be, a morning coffee on a sunny weekend makes up for it. After visiting Finland last week, I’m honestly happy to be back in the Bulgarian spring sunshine and warmth. A pleasant weekend and successful week ahead for everyone!

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  • Leon de Leeuw

Too short to do everything, long enough to do a few things very well. Family, friends and your own health are the most important. But so is self-development and knowing the world you live in. There are those like myself whose hearts beat faster when they think of travel. Getting restless in an office and just wanting out. For me, living abroad is the middle way. But for some, they never go out. Not even half. Yes, two weeks a year to the coast. But not deep into the countries, finding work as they go. Not meeting the people, not getting invited somewhere for tea. But when the travel bug itches, you know it deep down. And you cannot stay. You must go, no matter what. Or you'll live with regrets. So go, even go half by living abroad. But hit the road, because that's the only way humanity has ever gotten to know their neighbors and the world most people are afraid of - or make excuses for not to go see.

Picture of the Halic bridge over the Golden Horn, Istanbul, 2017

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