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Don't give up on love

"Love yourself first, then another." I've often said this, not only to myself, also to others. I was of the opinion that if a relationship doesn't work, and as soon as the first red flag would show up, it wasn't meant to be. If two persons don't get along immediately, if there's no vibe, then they shouldn't be together.

Yet, how true can it be that we need to love ourselves before we love another person? Maybe it's not the case at all. How many people don't love themselves all that much but perfectly add up to each other? It's hard to say. How many people feel stuck in a relationship now, move past the rough patch, just pull themselves through it? It might be what a marriage and relationship is meant for. To stick together through thick and thin.

Eventually, when you pull through, it might result in a stronger relationship. And who's to say we should throw something that doesn't function right out the door? Things and people have become so replaceable. It makes us more individualistic but also more alone. It can give us freedom but also have us give up on things too easily. When the water gets hot, we get right out and just walk away. Why do this? Who's to say there's no improvement down the road?

We are always on the lookout for the perfect partner. But does he or she even exist? Who says there's a perfect person, and not just a few good matches out of a whole lot of bad ones? It's hard to tell. And life is short. So it's not a bad idea just to hang out with people, good people. Who knows who you'll meet along the way. Don't give up on the idea of meeting your guy or girl. Have standards but be open. Be a good person and you'll attract like-minded people.

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1 Comment

Elijah V
Elijah V
Jun 19, 2020

So maybe the only reason that couples ended up married was because of the old adage ''opposites attract'' ;-)

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