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Marko's freedom

Marko stared through the window

He had lived alone for a while

Looking after himself

It was not a massive task

He got it done, the dusting, washing and ironing

Sometimes the silence hit him like a storm

But more often he felt a serene sense of peace

With or without company, Marko was doing fine

Following his inner force, moving forward through life

The undisputed freedom, without any compromise

He wasn’t looking for a new partner, took life as it came

“Nothing comes above my freedom”, is what he’d say aloud

And so he felt good, but not every day

On the days he felt bad, he knew he’d get through them

He looked at himself as a person needing help

“How can I take care of me? How to make the best of this life?”

When Marko wasn’t alone, he enjoyed his company as long as it lasted

He could always return to the basis he made, created for himself

It’s the freedom, bliss and independence

The confidence of being able to live all alone

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